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Naturally we’re keen to meet ambitious new founders to discuss opportunities, though we’re sure you appreciate, our business attracts a variety of proposal types and calibres. So to get our undivided attention, your best bet is via an introduction from a shared connection.

However, “Drop a note” below provides a short form and the facility to upload supporting material if you do want to send  us a heads-up. Please bear in mind though, we’re a small team and agile as we are, our primary responsibilities lie with existing entrepreneurs and investor partners. So while we’re not able to promise a response, we can promise – if you send it we’ll see it! By all means get to know us and our companies a bit more by following us on social networks.

Also below are events we’ll be attending. They may present an opportunity to say hello face-to-face and have an informal chat about your plans. We’ll be more than happy to give you a few presentation pointers. On that front, you’ll find details of what works for us under About us > What we look for. We’ll be adding event diary dates as we confirm, so it’s worth checking back from time to time to see where we’re heading.

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To schedule a meeting with us at any of the events below, please drop us a note using the form above.


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