Our thinking ———

So why Concentric?

A balanced investment strategy

In recent times the ‘VC’ industry as a whole has attracted a degree of criticism. Managers not investing substantially in the funds they run, while relying too much on management fees as a profit centre; at times seemingly disconnected from the investee companies; not doing enough to foster ecosystem development.

Concentric aims to clearly address such industry shortcomings. As an energetic, optimistic management team, that thinks both strategically and creatively, we participate and contribute personally towards the ultimate success of companies we back. We believe we are building a more sustainable ‘all-round’ investment partnership, that provides a fair, solid financial and tactical support structure, to ambitious early-stage technology businesses.

A fair, all-round partnership:

Concentric + Co-investors –
both have aligned financial interests in the partnership

Concentric + Entrepreneurs –
we invest considerable time nurturing and assisting the growth of our partner companies, both financially and professionally

Concentric + Community –
we aim to foster dialogue and an atmosphere of symbiotic relations via the Concentric community

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