What we bring ———

Accelerating sustainable growth

through funding, strategy and dialogue

We are hands-on investors that like to be ‘present’ and contribute to the strategic direction of the businesses we partner with. Our belief is that only through open, honest, regular dialogue can you truly see potential weak points, or equally, identify unseen strengths and opportunities. This synergetic approach to early stage development enables the discovery of agreed ways to grow sustainably.

Real-world operational expertise

Strategic mutuality provides our partner entrepreneurs with access to our deep international network to accelerate business development and recruitment. As a pragmatic management team we have plenty of useful experience navigating often complex corporate issues, structuring transactions and implementing strategic change.

Funding and continuous network support

We take charge of ensuring our companies have sufficient capital to execute their target business plans. As investor, Concentric aims to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs who if successful, will be provided with, where required, secondary funding and the continuous support of our management team and Community network.

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