What we look for ———

Target companies

must show early strengths
in a sizeable market

Over our collective investment lives we have strategically shifted portfolio focus a number of times, though one factor remains universally important - people. We work with entrepreneurs that work with us as partners, who are open and upfront, who are there for the long term and don’t over-promise. We firmly believe it is not always the smartest who win but those that persevere.

Defensive over disruptive

On a macro level we focus on social tides, not technology fads. We don’t believe a business has to necessarily ‘disrupt’, but it has to be innovative enough to carve out and defend a leading market position, ultimately adding value to all of the stakeholders.

We classify our target investment stage as “post product” and we tend not to invest at seed level – a target company should show early strengths with a proven product and business model operating in a sizeable market.

Original and clearly competitive

We will not invest in products or services that don’t have a clear competitive advantage and can’t build effective barriers to protect market position, are copycats of existing solutions in the same geography or depend on significant customer acquisition or retention marketing spend to generate substantial, sustainable revenue.

We also tend not to invest in businesses where we feel we can’t add sufficient value through our knowledge and network (as is the case with gaming, hardware, social media etc.) or play an active role in the growth phase of the company.

New founders and investment enquiries

Naturally we’re keen to meet ambitious new founders to discuss opportunities, though we’re sure you appreciate, our business attracts a variety of proposal types an calibre. So to get our undivided attention, your best bet is via an introduction from a shared connection. By all means, get to know us and our companies better by following us on social networks.

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