Families and Venture Capital – A Venture into the Unknown or a Return to its Roots?

9 June 2016

At Concentric we have ongoing discussions with family offices in relation to their venture exposure. Over the years it has become apparent that families are struggling with this particular ‘asset class’. Most families would like exposure to venture capital but are unsure in what form, or what such engagement could look like.

Denis Shafranik was invited to present Concentric findings on families’ approach to venture capital at the 3rd annual Global Family Office Conference in London.

Combined with some background facts on family offices, the purpose of the presentation was to surface some of Concentric’s key findings gathered as a result of discussions with 300+ family offices across the world. We also aim to use our findings to make predictions and to elaborate on key trends in family office venture capital investing.

 The case study is attached.

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