Homeshift shortlisted for The Spectator’s Economic Disruptor of the Year Award

5 August 2019

Homeshift has been shortlisted for The Spectator’s Economic Disruptor of the year award. On 5th September a finalist lunch, sponsored by Julius Baer and hosted by Chief Executive Officer David Durlacher took place. They were were joined by guest judges for London & the South: venture capitalist Kjartan Rist and serial-entrepreneur-turned-anti-plastic-campaigner Sian Sutherland.

The accompanying finalists included:

Beyond: the UK’s first price comparison website for funerals

By Miles: a car insurance firm, in which drivers will be charged monthly per mile driven, rather than paying a one-off premium

LendInvest: a disruptor in the home mortgage market, enabling private investors to invest in bundles of mortgages in a mechanism akin to peer-to-peer lending.

Muzmatch: a partner-finding app for Muslims.

LooWatt: which manufactures a waterless toilet with potential uses around the world wherever water is scarce.

Starling Bank: Currently setting the pace in the online challenger bank sector.

Swytch Technology: a conversion kit that can turn any bike into e-bikes at relatively small cost.

Winnow: a software solution to the huge problem of food waste in commercial kitchens, telling chefs how much food, and what kind, is going into the waste bin.

The winner will be announced on 13 November 2019.

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